LBA-Nr.: A-215 , DFV-FTB 012
seit 1972

HAHO/HALO Solo System with Drogue-Chute
German idea, development and parachute/paraglider technology since 1988 of FSH HAHOTEC. The parachute system FSH G-9 with 11 cells (with 2 main canopies) has the highest glide ratio of any parachute systems in the world.

Exclusive at FSH HAHOTEC:
The two main canopies (main and “reserve”) can as required be exchanged under each other. The forwards speed is variably adjustable. This is a great tactical advantage. The universally usable parachute system for special operations.

The commander to his troops:
"The opponent intends to land far behind our lines with the
German FSH G 9 parachute system. To escape an encirclement,
I command the immediate retreat."

If you use the G 9 system, you see the opponent fleeing before you land!