The beginning of the Development
                                       of the Parachute / Paraglider GERMAN G-9 System

1988 Phase 1  of the Development
The FSH G-9 System is an advanced development based on the characteristics of the Parachute and Paraglider.

The name G-9 was given in honor of the German Special Tactical Unit GSG-9.


Type 1 -4

G - 9
Area = 36 qm / 386 sqft
Aspect Ratio= 3,03 : 1


Phase 2 of the Development

Form change. 17 Cells, little sides, elliptical cutting. A seat for long flights. 
The stabilizers are ventilated at the parachute canopy worldwide for the first time. This revolutionary development from
FSH take a better form resistance and stability of the canopy in the flight. And there are no noises during the flight !!
A further
FSH development is the completely removable slider.
See the picture. There are no noise also !! 
Single-hand control !

G - 9
Area = 27 qm / 290 sqft
Aspect Ratio = 4,04 : 1


Phase 3 of the Development

Reduction of  Performance in favor of safety. Change of the Canopy handling. 

Stable middle Cells. Little side Cells. Best Performance by Profile adjustment. This type of main- and reserve canopy is currently used in 10 countries at the moment.

It is urgently recommended to carry a Variometer during the Gliding Phase.

G - 9
Area = 32 qm / 344 sqft
Aspect Ratio = 3,40 : 1


Modification of the Main Canopy

Greater middle Section, Winglets and boundary layer fences at the top side increase the Performance. You can often fly less than 2 m/sec. Sinking Speed. Valves / Airlocks at all Cells.
2003 2003 harmonization of the main- and reserve canopy
The positive performance features could be improved again.
A heavier pressure in the parachute canopy spares the valves, a more slippery surface for the winglets
and the boundary layer fences.
Position improves the flight for a broader control lines in the curve.
Pressurized stabilizers,
similar like 1989, increasing the performance. FSH Know-How.
The sinking speed could again be reduced and the gliding angle increased.
It is urgently recommended to carry a variometer during the flight around the advantages
the glider be able to make use fully.

German Parachute Technology and German Paraglider Technology
GERMAN  G - 9  with 11 cells
The most versatile tactical HAHO/HALO parachute system worldwide on the market since 1988 !

No different canopies in the system.
Main canopy and reserve canopy are the same.
It is the g r e a t   a d v a n t a g e  that the two canopies are interchangeable under each other !

Simple operation, the best flexibility and adjustable horizontal speed.
High aspect ratio for long distance infiltration.
New high performance profile !
Exact cutting with laser !

                  The Technology for the G-9 harness and containers.
   ( No FSH development. It is not a Tandem-System )

FSH  G - 9 / 11 cells
The following opening types are possible:

a) Throw away pilot chute system.

b) Drogue-Chute system.

c) Spring pilot chute system.

d) Static line system.
Static-line 3,5 m. (The length is variable).

e) Drogue-Chute static line system 
The static line with bag for Drogue-Chute.
     Main parachute opening by hand.
     The length is 4 m. (The length is variable).

f) and two side pockets.

g) Transport rucksack for the parachute.

Safety: Preparation for the AAD CYPRES at the reserve canopy. 

The efficiency ratio of the G - 9 parachute system is better than that one of others parachute
systems on the market.
Therefore is the system at the moment in many countries with great success and satisfaction in use !


Enormous cost saving with the G-9 parachute system!

The G-9 parachute system has two main canopies.
A canopy is used as a main canopy,
a canopy is used as a reserve canopy.

An example:
You have made with the main canopy 50 or more jumps.
You change the two canopies now.
The new main canopy then has zero jumps.
The "reserve canopy" then has 50 jumps or more.
Your confidence in the "new reserve canopy" is then enormous,
because you have thus already made 50 jumps or more.
You know her well.

You hope for the reliability of the reserve canopy at other parachute systems.
However, you have not made any jump thus yet.
You know the reliability of your "reserve canopy" at the G-9 system after the exchange.

15 years or more are the permitted operating time at good condition.
The number of jumps is not bordered.

You can for example make 500 jumps or more per canopy that way.
This is a great cost saving.


                                           T h e   n e w   G e n e r a t i o n
                     o f  G - 9  R a m - A i r  T e c h n o l o g y

T Y P E   2 0 1 0 ++


G - 9 
Area = 35 qm / 375 sqft
Aspect Ratio = 3,76:1
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Subject to Technical Changes