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NATO - STOCK - No: 1670-33G073892


The German  special high altitude Ram - Air  Parachute - Systems

T H E   N E W   G E N E R A T I O N   O F   H A H O   R A M - A I R    T E C H N O L O G Y
 with turbine push !!

This is unique in the world  and we have the Know-How !

With a glide ratio of more than 6 : 1 
and with the GPPS turbine system with a glide ratio of over 13 : 1.

For  MA I N   C A N O P Y 
and  for the  "R E S E R V E "  C A N O P Y

The HAHO / HALO parachute system GERMAN G-9 has the
highest glide ratio of any parachute system in the world.

G - 9, T H E   F L Y I N G   M A C H I N E  ! !

T Y P E   2 0 1 0  ++
with DROGUE-CHUTE system !!

Unsurpassed  performance and quality 
"M a d e  i n  G e r m a n y" 

In comparisons to other systems the G-9 system was unbeatable !!

The main canopy and the "reserve" canopy are identical 
 and may be exchanged among each other !

 No other manufacturer in the world offers this, 
because it reduces the number of canopies sold.

It is a great financial and tactical advantage for our customers.

This is the new German userfriendly Technology
of  H A H O T E C

L E A D   by  Q U A L I T Y  and  K N O W - H O W

 And here are another two highlights
1) Allowable operating time:
Up to  20 years
after date of manufacturing under condition of annual check by qualified Rigger.

    2) Allowable
number of jumps:
for main canopy and "reserve" canopy.

The parachute system G-9 is the most versatile 
and most modern parachute / paraglider system on the market.

The G-9 parachute system 
can be converted
also to the "TANDEM - SYSTEM".
Not for persons, but, if with heavy load 
or from
higher drop-speed shall be jumped.

A   t a c t i c a l l y   o p t i m a l   s y s t e m 
for  the  S P E C I A L   F O R C E S

The production is carried out after the order
into special model

 W O R L D W I D E  T H E
N U M B E R  1

Two Special-Forces parachutists have a talk.
One of the  parachutists asks the other parachutist:
"Which HAHO/HALO system do you jump?"
Answer: "XYZ"
"And you?"
Answer: "The number 1"

With us the customer is king!
Order the G-9 information DVD free of charge.

HAHO =High Altitude High Opening   HALO = High Altitude Low Opening
Technical Data of the G - 9