RS - 10 D
  Purpose: Back Parachute with Stabilizing Device
  Activation: Static Line
Manual or Opening Device (KAP-3)
for Disconnecting
Stabilizing Device
  Operating Speed: 100 - 400 km/h
(54 - 215 KIAS)
  Gross Weight: 50 - 150 kg
  Canopy Area: 66 sqm
  Rate of Descent:
(130 kg)
5,0 m/s
  Min. Deployment
60 m (v > 150 km/h)
  Self Propulsion: 3 m/s
  Steerable: Yes
  Weight: 11 kg
  Pack Dimensions : 540 x 320 x 200 mm

Harmless landings in ground wind speed of 10 - 12 m/sec., landing always forward into the wind (reduce injuries), horizontal speed is reduced by producing a counter thrust. For parachutists without free fall experience it is possible to jump from high altitude and fall stabilized to the desired opening altitude and than activate the main parachute.

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